English IV is the study of World Literature and Drama, with an emphasis on multiple literary genres, including both classical and modern drama, fiction, short stories, and poetry. We will explore texts in translation and approach literary study from a global perspective. Areas of focus include Africa and the African diaspora, Asia and the subcontinent, South America, Mexico, and Spain. We will read course texts in both their artistic and their political contexts, examining the role of European and American imperialism in shaping the concerns of global literature. Postcolonial and archetypal theory, as well as surrealism and magical realism are among the critical lenses through which we will conduct our analysis. Potential authors include Chinua Achebe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, and Derek Walcott. This course includes critical and creative writing, film critique, in-class discussion, and online communication. Various forms of visual media will complement the study of written text.