Math 7 Enriched is a rigorous introductory course designed to immerse students in both algebraic and geometric concepts, ranging from formulating, graphing, and solving equations to identifying and calculating 3-D shapes.  Investigations are completed through an array of hands on activities and group interactions.  Students will analyze, discuss, and evaluate numerous mathematical situations and translate them into equivalent expressions and equations where they can be simplified, solved, or graphed.  Thus the focus of this course is on critical thinking, allowing students to be exposed to a deeper vocabulary of mathematical terms and array of methods to cope with various algebraic and geometric algorithms.  More importantly, all of the math they learn will be related to various experiences and applications in everyday life in order to give the students meaning and reason.  They will be expected to engage with several smaller “real world” projects over the year in order to increase their awareness of the importance of mathematics in their lives.  Additionally, students will learn the appropriate use of calculators and computers as tools to supplement mathematical learning.