Modern Band is a one semester course designed for students who wish to develop music-making skills and music literacy primarily using modern or popular styles from the 21st century. This course can accommodate novice and advanced student musicians.

This course explores four main categories of music making: elements of music, instrumental/vocal exploration, group music exploration, and music roles in society. Repertoire is selected from a range of popular styles, including but not limited to: Blues, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Rap, K-Pop, etc.

Performance opportunities include optional events, such as: Winter & Spring Concerts, Upper School Musical, Juke Box or Open Mic Night.  Enrolled students are expected to attend any scheduled Band & Vocals performance. Students enrolled in Band & Vocals may also collaborate with students in other arts courses on multi-disciplinary projects. 

**Students may be required to pay an instrument rental fee**