Course Overview: Crossroads Decision-Making class for Grade 8, once a week class, year long

This course is designed to provide Eighth Grade students an opportunity to explore their personal values, as well as consider the values and ethics, which have been shared with them by their parents, teachers, and other significant persons in their lives. In our multicultural community, there are a variety of religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds. This course allows students to find common ground, while at the same time respecting differences. This course encourages communication between students. It also offers many possibilities for students to discuss ethics and values with parents.

Course Overview: Life Positive Grade 6, once a week, year long course

This Sixth Grade course provides an opportunity for students to gather information about a variety of issues related to personal growth. Emphasis is placed on teaching students new skills in communication, problem solving and relationship building. Factual information about physical development and drug and alcohol use is shared at the appropriate level. Students have the opportunity to present topics for discussion.

The purpose of the course is not only to educate, but to clarify misinformation and empower you to make judicious and informed decisions. In addition to using the resources below, a significant portion of class time will be devoted to group discussion.